February 25, 2008

Much thinner!

The way that solar technology is moving ahead it’s truly exciting. NOW a team of British researchers from Durham University have developed light absorbing materials for use in the production of super-thin layer photovoltaic, thin enough of be called photovoltaic sheets instead of panels. These thin cells could be installed on homes or even moving cars, and should be significantly less expensive than their thicker counterparts.
The research team is being led by Ken Durose, from the Durham Center for Renewable Energy. Why do we need thin layer photovoltaic? The more common thicker photovoltaic contain iridium and other rare and expensive materials. Thus, by creating thinner PV's, the cost of these panels will be reduced. Ideally, if the project disparages out, these panels will be installed on homes to fulfill their power requirements and give back any excess power to the grid. Furthermore, if they are thin and light enough, they could be installed on moving vehicles.

February 14, 2008

Living green!

Switch on your TV browse through the times magazine or readers digest, or pick your daily news paper it is no surprise that on an average day one would watch hear and read about the global warming and environmental problems our planet faces because of ever increasing human consumption. More over one gets to know about all those great and large measures being taken worldwide by G8 and developing nations to protect the delicate balance of nature. Every day we get to know about the large number or wind farms being installed or about the solar energy being used instead of fossil fuel, but most of the time all this information comes under a cooperate banner who wishes to publish its efforts of going green while devising new means of profits as well.
Most of us do feel a lot contended after our daily dose of these going green news but unfortunately all those green life and business efforts go wasted because man kind is not ready to adopt the green monk hood as an individual. Yes we might be environment friendly people, nationally or socially, but most of on individual level are destroying our environment at an express pace. Most of us are concerned about the air we breath in but never even think about cutting down on fossil fuel we use at our homes and for our vehicles. We are a species who stands tall among others when it comes to esthetics but most of us don’t bother caring a cloth bag or a basket to the market. A large number of us spend 1/18 of our income over drinking bottle water, but never mind contaminating our water resources with lavish use of cleaning Chemicals at home. Time to time a lot of us do try to adopt to a green life style but find it hard to maintain and there is no denying to that adopting a greener life and leaving behind our comfortable lives of lavish power use and convenient soft toilet paper is had but still there are some real small things that can bring a very positive difference if we adopt them in our private and family life.
So the top ten hot shots one can play to go green with simple efforts.

· ECO bags!
Carry a bag made out of fabric or a basket for grocery, most of want to but forget it until things are packed in plastic bags or paper bags for us. Tip, keep two or three in your car all the time or hanging to your bike. This done on community level can virtually clean out an area from plastic bags in about 6 months.

· Cut down on subscription!
Instead of ordering 12 catalogs and 5 magazines a month surf over internet and save your hard earn cash, along with miles of Rain forest.

· Engines off!
Yes turn off your cars engine while waiting in the parking lots of schools and shopping malls because by doing so 10 minutes per day can keep 550 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air every year.

· Eat healthy!
While we are putting our efforts in living green, its time we start thinking healthy as well. Simplest possible favor we can do to our body is stop drinking bottle drinks, and start eating fresh fruits, this simple effort can help produce a hole generation of healthy and physically fit humans in 20 years.

· Recycle!
Recycle is a term most of us know about since even before we were familiar with types of pollution, and global warming theory, cloth towels, cloth napkins, personal mugs instead of paper napkins, tissue papers and paper cups. Washing instead of toilet paper is not only green but hygienic as well. Such small deeds can save hectors of rain forest. We need to make sure that we are disposing off our garbage in a proper manner by simply separating recyclable one from the non recyclable one.

· Stop buying!
Next time when you need furniture make sure you paid your visit to the auction for old and vintage furniture. If new is what u need then prefer artificial wood over real wood.

· Chemicals at home!
We use a large number of cleaning Chemicals and detergents at home which are equally harm full for human beings pets and contaminate our sewerage and water resource to an irreversible level. Solution, use natural cleaning product like lemon juice, and if you find that difficult at least go for products are made with natural essential oils, are biodegradable and phosphate-free, they might be slightly expensive but the money you would save on your catalog subscription, fuel, bottle drinks, and expensive furniture can be well spent for keeping our waters clean.

· Look before you leap!
Next time when you go shopping investigate where your product came from, purchasing animal fur and ivory products means you live to see the extinction of a large number wild life, shark fin soup and whale fish might taste heavenly but its still not worth to have oceans with out them.

· Buy green!
A lot of us look for the green spiral sing over the packets of our food and other daily use items. Next time when you shop for electronics look for products which come with energy saving built in technology. Energy saving bulbs and fans are common now.

· Plant smart!
Yes one can make a difference by planting smart yes that means planting green, you sure can plant flowers in your garden but ever thought about planting vegetables instead, of course there is nothing wrong in planting an expensive palm from tropics but a fig or a pomegranate tree is even batter, this way you are not only living green but also healthy and thrifty, as you will be saving on the weekly grocery cost.

Small things like setting our home temperature thermostat to a more economical level reducing the screen brightness of our mobile, and computer screens, lowering down the volumes of our TVs and music systems can make a considerable difference.