March 7, 2009

Energy Saving Tip Of The Day

Energy saving tip of the day is to Clean air filters regularly. Air filters clogged with dust trap heat in the air ducts.

March 3, 2009

Energy Saving Tip OF The Day

Energy saving tip of the day is to towel dry your hair insted of using a hair dryer.

March 1, 2009

Energy Saving Tips Last Week

Energy saving tip number one was to use a fan instead to keep cool during the summer. Energy saving by fans is dramatically more than air conditioners

Energy saving tip number two was to invest in a good exhaust system instead of a clumsy old air conditioning.

Energy saving tip number three was to keep your car properly maintained and tuned. A poorly tuned car can waste more than 25% more gas.

Energy saving tip number four was to wrap reflectors on water tanks to control the water temperature.