June 3, 2008


Mega recycling! Melt down an 8000 lbs steel cargo container, by using 8000 KWH of energy to create new steel beams. Think again! How about converting an 8000 lbs of steel box into a comfortable studio apartment by using only 400 KWH of electricity, which is only 5% of the energy needed to melt these shipping containers.

A cargo container measures about 8 feet in width, 40 feet in length and 9 feet in height.

Container homes is not some thing new, the hippie era and the caravan homes movement are the impressions of the modern history of container homes. Huge mobile carts served as homes to many immigrants pouring into America of late 17th to early 18th century.

Shores and harbors allover United States and other trading nations, are becoming dump sites for old retired shipping containers, as mentioned earlier, recycling these shipping containers is not only costly but also hazardous for the environment. Two or maybe more container can joined together to create a small house after hacking down similar wall and utilizing the hacked steel to create partitions and internal walls.

Container homes also need internal and at times external thermal padding and insulations to reduce external weather effects, 95% of external radiation can be prevented from entering container homes, if insulated effectively can prove to be extremely energy efficient. Large aluminum and glass panels as windows and sky lights reduce the need of artificial lighting during the day in these container homes. Solar reflecting paints on the outer surface of these container homes should reduce the need of air-conditioning by preventing sudden heating up, while heat absorbing paints and sky lighting should be able to harness energy passively and reduce the need of heating significantly. Container homes need internal insulation and padding to cover the curved steel walls this padding not only make them appealing but also contain the internal temperature. Many companies offer ready to fit kitchen and bathroom units ready for installation in these container homes.

One of the most significant qualities of container homes is that fact that steel is welded to steel to create structural shapes such as roofs, which makes it a strong load bearing structure to support any type of masses such as water containers, solar water geezers, photovoltaic panels and mini wind turbines. Container homes also offer flexibility when it comes to fixtures and duct installation.

With term container homes most of us think of Mobil homes, but this is not the case anymore as cargo containers are extremely solid structures thus container homes can be more then single story with bedrooms made out of containers placed on top of the containers serving as living rooms and kitchen on the ground.

Container homes can be a great solution for third world countries with housing problems. As creating cheap and low impact energy efficient housing societies can be created with sustainable homes created out of old shipping and cargo containers, provided with proper water and electric supplies. These cargo and shipping containers can also be converted into container workshops, warehouses and small scale factories which will result into cleaner coast lines and low-cost successful recycling. I found Wind Man two old containers dumped beside the train track at CANTT railway station, wind man wants to make a coffee shop out of them, while my eyes are stuck on the old train guard stall rusting out there I waana strike it as a balcony some where.