May 20, 2008

Extreme Hybrid SUV

With its dual energy storage system, using Lithium-Ion batteries along with ultra capacitors the new XH150 Extreme Hybrid SUV is the next big thing in hybrid car industry. . This 370 horsepower plug-in hybrid was built out of 2007 Saturn VUE with off-the shelf components over the period of 6 months. This Extreme Hybrid SUV touches 60 mps from 0 mph in just 11.6 seconds, thus beating its gas smoldering predecessor with a margin of 0.9 seconds. During hybrid mode, this Extreme Hybrid SUV, XH150 clocked a smoking 0-60 speed that rivals many sports cars @ 6.9 seconds.
The AFS Trinity Power Corporation researcher and manufacturer, calls XH150 Extreme Hybrid SUV world’s first zero-cost” hybrid car, and support there argument on the bases of the patent-pending technology which allows the vehicle to go electric during the first 40 miles. Calculation made on energy cost and saving for the XH150 Extreme Hybrid SUV show that the large sum of $40,000 for this zero-cost” hybrid car should recoup in 3-5years. Such cost saving capacity should make it an ideal vehicle to get financed.
AFS Trinity completed it 340 miles earth day tour to Washington with XH150 Extreme Hybrid SUV, and announced the plans for an extreme fleet of trucks, in order to cut the cost of fuel by 75%. We should be expecting the XH150 Extreme Hybrid SUV, in the market in another 2 years.