April 16, 2009

Shipping Polution : The unaddressed issue

15 of the world giant cargo ships are accountable for emitting as much pollution as 760m cars. According to a study conducted that a one giant container ship emits almost same amount of asthma and cancer causing chemical 50m cars. More than 90000 ocean going cargo ships are responsible for 4.5 % of the global carbon emissions. Powerful nations so far have been unable to impose strict policies and a law on shipping industry which is alone in USA is causing 60,000 deaths every year. Much more Scrutiny is need and the issue should be addressed more seriously.

Cars driving 15,000km a year emit approximately 101 grammes of sulphur oxide gases (or SOx) in that time. The world's largest ships' diesel engines which typically operate for about 280 days a year generate roughly 5,200 tonnes of SOx.

What is the (green) point in buying a Hybrid Car that has been transported in a Cargo ship lumbering across the world's oceans at a leisurely pace emitting suicidal amounts of CO2 and SOX. That Hybrid or Environment friendly car becomes responsible for emitting GHG before hitting the road.